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Rainbow Dragin, Dirty Hippie Coop Manager
Like, Welcome to the Dirty Hippie Coop
We voted like real hard and this is what our like Company Mission Statement is now, so shut the fuck up: WE ARE DEDICATED TO HELPING IMPLEMENT ADVANCED FOOD PRODUCTS FOR TODAY’S FOOD-DRIVEN FOOD WORKERS.

Don’t be a gross corporate whore! Buy your stupid hippie shit from us!
Like, OMG, you’re not going to go to like a regular grocery store and buy lettuce with sodium lauryl sulfate in it are you? GROSS! You should totally be a food snob and do all your shopping at Dirty Hippie Co-op, THE pre-eminent food snob paradise where you can but all your organic vegan gluten-free fair-trade compostable pasture-raised bullshit that you need to make yourself feel like you’re not a total loser!

You should like totally become a member cuz if you don’t you’re a big loser.

You get like 5% off some of your purchases every time you come in to shop. That’s like math.

Also you get to take advantage of some pretty rainbowific benefits.

Here’s what you get, you fuckin’ mooch:

  • Sit through a boring-ass meeting like every month
  • Vote on stuff
  • Get a discount Woo! Five percent!

To register and for further details, contact Rainbowina at 802-257-268 for more info.

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