Hippie Re-Naming Ceremony

Throw off the shackles of your Western upper-middle-class post-colonial capitalist patriarchy! Prove your commitment to Earth Mother Gaia and the [Whatever You’re Into This Month] Movement: Rename yourself some hippie name at our totally sparkly Hippie Re-Naming Ceremony.

A non-perishable raw food donation gets you a Re-Birth Certificate, suitable for framing with twigs, but not suitable for The Law, because they hate hippies. AS YOU KNOW. As if we don’t shower and don’t obey the law or something. OH WAIT.

If you’re not high enough to think of a perfect hippie name, Indigo will assign you a name according to her intuitive spirit guide’s vibrations. (Probably your name will also be Indigo.)

Friends and chosen families welcome; don’t feel obligated to invite your birth family — they never understood anyway and they’re sure as hell not going to start now. Also: bring munchies to share.

Meet in the Rainbow Tent in the parking lot next Thursday at noon.

Contact Rainbowina at 802-257-268 for more info.

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