How to Make an Essential Oil Diffuser on the Cheap

Well, well, well, you stocked up on essential oils like “Prosperity” and “Gainful Employment” and then Google told you that NO, you’re not supposed to just add it to your bong. Way to go. Another thing you’ve failed at. TYPICAL.

What you ARE supposed to do with these little ten-dollar bottles of future-enhancing bullshit magic is diffuse that shit all over yourself so that you can breathe in the fumes and change your life 4-ever. Science says so so you know it’s true. TRUTH.

Sign up today for our Dirty Hippie Coop EXCLUSIVE How to Make an Essential Oil Diffuser on the Cheap class. In this two-hour class, you’ll learn:

  • Understanding the tenuous mysterious relationship between essential oils and manifesting your highest life purpose
  • Selecting the perfect essential oils from our large selection (includes field trip to our large essential oil display and time to make rash and ill-informed purchases)
  • Handcrafting a one-of-a-kind diffuser to best meet the needs of your unique life purpose (kits available)

Class starts next Thursday at 2pm in the Rainbow Room. Cost: $300 plus materials and cost of Young Living® Distributor Kit. In order for the instructor to give special attention to each student, enrollment is limited to 125 people.

Contact Rainbowina at 802-257-268 for more info.

* This class may or may not involve a two-hour presentation from a Young Living® rep.

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