Nourishing your Spirit Animal…with your EBT Card

You can’t reach nirvana on government cheese…especially when you got yourself an EBT card burning a hole in your sweatpants pocket. Come see how to make the most out of your goddess-given right to suck at the teat of Big Brother even though you’re a grownup with a BA in Awareness Studies.

In this 30-ish minute class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Not look ashamed buying gourmet single-origin chocolate made by slave children much worse off than you
  • Whether you should use your gov’ment allotment to buy a tiny amount of nutrient-dense food, or a whole lotta bulk oats that you can maybe even build a whole house out of
  • Popular oat house housing styles

Classes every Monday at 2pm, cuz we know you’re free then.

Contact Rainbowina at 802-257-268 for more info.

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