So, Making Banana Wine is a Thing Now

Making your own beer’s a thing now, but what if you can’t find any beer grapes?

Give up? OF COURSE YOU DO. If’n you can’t find no beer grapes you can just make wine. Out of bananas. Cuz we have a lot of old ones that are on sale. They’re already half alcohol!

Come to next Saturday’s Bananarama Wine Makin’ Class-a-roo at 5pm and get the party started!

Plz bring:

  • Like 10 pounds of these rotten bananas
  • Blender with Wine Attachment
  • Empty wine bottles, which is lucky for you since you’re too lazy to take all of yours to the recycling place. You’re welcome.

*Important Note: Please come ready to join your classmates in the community barefoot squish vat.

Contact Rainbowina at 802-257-268 for more info.

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