Tomato Haters® Tomato-flavor’d Home-brewed Ketchup Fragrance

$9.89 $1.89 3.3 oz. If you love Tomato Haters®, you’ll want to try their newest addition to the Tomato Haters® Tomato-flavor’d products.

A statement from the Tomato Haters® legal team states that they have “heard the voice of the people via your petition for moreeeeee” homebrew in USA! Party like a Patriot! Drink! #homebrew!! #distraction!!

Now you can enjoy the lifestyle of homebrew in a Church of the GOP-sponsored alternative: Home-brewed fragrance. Smell like a hip Millennial without giving into the sins of gluttony and fun. The secret is in the ketchup. Buy it today. Fragrancer not included; cartoony patronizing instructions available on

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