Creamy Polish Sausage and Mock-Duck Soup served with Greenish Hazelnut and Lime Sandwich

Your fancy ass deserves a nice treat once in a while. Go 1999 on yourself with this piece of unicorn horn.

Here’s all you need. Try not to screw it up.

  • Polsa Kielbasa, any fruit flavor
  • Green Spray-On Food-Safe Food “Tint”
  • Two full-size jugs of Vegan Mock Duck Granules
  • The color green. A lot of it.
  • DIY Reconstituted Hazelnut Kit
  • One large Lime Sandwich-BRAND Lime-Flavored Sandwich

Special Equipment

  • A Cream Machine
  • A Soup Machine

Cream your Polish sausage in cream machine until creamy, approx. seven minutes. While the magic is happening in your creamer, mix both jugs of Vegan Mock Duck Granules with tap water until you have a good-sized duck. Add duck to soup machine.

In a smallish-to-mediumish bowl, combine green with contents of hazelnut kit until greenish hazelnuts rise to the top, approx 9 minutes.

Mix it all together on a biggish bowlish plate with lime sandwich.

You already know that if you ask what a lime sandwich is, you’re not cool enough enough for this recipeh.

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