Deep Fried Head Cheese Shish-Kebab topped with Candy Corn and Spam® Sauce

Well, well, well, looks like you learned the hard way that when you go trick-or-treating as a 42-year-old male, you wind up with a block of head cheese and a fistful of Spam® in your Halloween sack. Time to give back to the community by whipping up this fancy Halloween treat to pass out to all the chidlins.

Prepare to be the most popular house on the block by collecting:

  • That block of CheezCity® head cheese that your neighbor put in your Halloween sack
  • And that fistful of Spam®
  • That bag of discount candy corn that you bought the day after Halloween last year but never ate
  • A sock-full of used fry oil from work
  • Skew You!® 32-count bag-o-skewers
  • Downtown Frytown® X-tra Large ‘n’ in Charge Deep Phat Phryer™
  • Sauce Master® Saucomater 2000™

Fill X-tra Large ‘n’ in Charge Deep Phat Phryer™ with the used fry oil and push the Cheese button. Rip off chunks of the head cheese and stick it on skewers. Dip in Phat Phryer until goopy. Assemble artfully on a single paper plate because you did not think this through first.

Dump the Spam® and candy corn in your Saucomater 2000™ and push the Sauce button. Pour it all over kebabs.

To serve: Drop one sauced kebab in each chidlin’s Halloween sack. Finally everyone will love you.

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