How to Like Weave a Basket or Whatever

Stop askin’ us for bags every time you come in. Make your own damn basket at our basket weaving class. If you do real good maybe we’ll even give you a certificate that sez you’re a certified basket weaver or some shit. You can frame it and people will think maybe you’re a doctor. Won’t your mom be proud. You dumb shit.

Bring a crochet hook and all those Earth-hating plastic bags you’ve been storing under the sink for the past ten years. We are going to be doing some mother fuckin’ recycling like you ain’t never seen. No experience necessary, which is good for you cuz you don’t know how to do shit.

  • Wednesdays, 6-8:00 PM, October 1, 8 and 22 at the Dirty Hippie Co-op community room
  • $30 for 3 classes
  • Taught by Rainbowina and Indigo

To register and for further details, contact Rainbowina at 802-257-268 for more info.

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